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Empower Your Frontline The Google Way

Equip your frontline workers to thrive in any environment with seamless and secure mobile experiences. Our tools, including fan favorites like Gmail, Documents, Calendar, and Meet, are intuitively designed to simplify tasks, fostering optimal performance.

This extensible platform ensures uninterrupted connectivity across varied apps and devices, fortified by advanced security technologies and robust device management – making it perfect for regulated industries. Modernize, fortify, and uplift your workforce with Google’s unrivaled frontline solutions.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing: The Google Cloud Advantage

In an age where manufacturing faces unprecedented challenges – a staggering 23% revenue drop in 2020 and the lasting impacts of COVID-19 disrupting nearly 60% of supply chains – there’s a beacon of transformation on the horizon: Google Cloud. While the industry contributes to a quarter of global CO2 emissions, there’s a technological path to sustainable operations. The potential? Digital collaboration that can unveil an astonishing value of over $100 billion for manufacturers.

Google Cloud steps up as a game-changing ally for manufacturers, focusing on three transformative pillars:

  1. Digitalizing the Customer Journey and Value Proposition,
  2. Streamlining Operations and Product Development, and
  3. Accelerating the Digital Transformation.

Experience high accuracy with quality defect detection models tailored for inspection. Benefit from reduced training data needs, thanks to unsupervised and transfer learning. Enjoy on-premises support ensuring low latency, along with a rapid setup for production workloads. Google Cloud’s flexible infrastructure promises easy scalability, optimizing costs effectively. And, with seamless integration into powerhouse solutions like Cloud AI Data Labeling, Anthos, and ML Edge, factory automation reaches newfound heights.

ChromeOS for Governments

  • In an age where technological efficiency meets heightened security threats, government agencies require robust solutions to protect data and optimize operations. ChromeOS is that game-changer: a resilient and compliant endpoint solution tailored for government bodies. For IT departments, it revolutionizes device management, enforcing proactive security measures while minimizing ownership costs.
  • Department employees reap the benefits of heightened productivity, uninterrupted service, and swift access to pivotal tools and applications. But the advantages don’t stop at the office door.
  • The community and its citizens are also empowered, navigating essential services effortlessly with shared ChromeOS devices. Choose ChromeOS, and champion a future where technology amplifies public service, seamlessly and securely.

ChromeOS for Financial Services

  • The financial world is undergoing rapid evolution, ushering in a digital-first paradigm. Cloud adoption and a shift towards digital experiences have seen banks, insurance firms, and asset managers surge ahead at an unprecedented speed. In this frenzied sprint to digital mastery, enhancing user experience and facilitating remote or hybrid work have taken center stage.
  • Surveys by esteemed entities like Accenture & Google reveal compelling insights: 64% of banking IT leaders are prioritizing end-user satisfaction, while 50% of insurance IT leaders are gearing up to onboard new technologies soon. However, legacy systems falter in this race, jeopardizing sensitive data.
  • Enter ChromeOS: a comprehensive solution for modern finance. Designed for everyone from distributed information workers, who crave secure, anywhere-access, to bank branch employees, requiring instant access to pivotal data. Even contact centers benefit, with agents enabled to provide top-tier service, all while ensuring data security. On the customer front? Experience the future of self-service banking, simplifying transactions, enhancing security checks, and reducing overheads. With ChromeOS, finance isn’t just secure; it’s future-ready.

ChromeOS for Kiosk and Digital Signage

Stepping into the future of digital signage and kiosk solutions is simpler, secure, and more efficient with ChromeOS. Here’s how we transform the game:

  1. Swift and Simplified Deployment: Say goodbye to prolonged setup processes. With ChromeOS, device deployment is quick and effortless. As soon as you power up, essential policies and apps automatically download, ensuring your kiosk or signage is market-ready in no time.
  2. Centralized Management Hub: Streamline your operations using the single, user-friendly Google Admin console. From here, you can seamlessly control updates, decide on long-term support channels for enhanced reliability, and even remotely reboot or access devices when hiccups occur.
    Fortified Security and
  3. Data Integrity: With ChromeOS, you’re always ahead in the security game. Updates roll out every six months, ensuring you aren’t constantly grappling with changes. Plus, devices on the Long-Term Support (LTS) channel are armored with the latest security protocols. Before applying any update, you have the liberty to test it, ensuring zero compatibility glitches.
  4. Remote Mastery: Experience the magic of the cloud. The Google Admin console gifts you the flexibility to manage your kiosks and signage devices from anywhere across the globe. Over 500 configurable policies offer meticulous device control, from Wi-Fi configurations to granular settings. Stay informed on-the-go with comprehensive reports, and receive proactive notifications should a device crash or go offline.
  5. Breathing Life into Legacy Hardware: ChromeOS isn’t just about embracing the new; it’s about rejuvenating the old. While slashing your IT overhead and deployment time, you also witness a substantial drop in energy consumption by up to 46% with ChromeOS devices. And for your older devices? Introduce them to ChromeOS Flex, extending their usability and bringing them up to speed with modern computing needs.

ChromeOS for Contact Center

In a rapidly changing customer service landscape, contact centers face mounting challenges – from the upsurge in cyber threats like ransomware and phishing to the complex tapestry of evolving tech solutions. Agents are grappling to keep up with these complexities and traditional systems simply can’t match the pace. Now, combine this with a 24-fold surge in cloud migrations and the overwhelming shift towards remote work, the future demands innovation, speed, and security.

  • Fortress of Security: In an era where data breaches and cyber threats are rampant, ChromeOS stands as a bastion of security. With proactive features such as Google Safe Browsing, agents are shielded from malicious sites. Dive deeper, and you’ll find an intrinsic layer of defense against viruses, malware, and especially ransomware, courtesy of sandboxing and verified boot mechanisms.
  • Efficiency at Its Core: Bid adieu to downtimes and complex interfaces. With ChromeOS, agents are presented with an instinctive, pop-up free user experience. Quick booting devices, seamless background updates, and the ability to log into any device and resume tasks ensure productivity is always at its peak. Plus, the ChromeOS Desk connector organizes each customer interaction in distinct desk spaces, ensuring agents aren’t fumbling through cluttered windows.
  • Seamless VDI Integration: ChromeOS flawlessly integrates with your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), ensuring that every agent, regardless of their location, can access the tools and data they need securely.
  • Smart Economics & Environmental Stewardship: With ChromeOS, your contact center isn’t just tech-savvy, it’s eco-friendly. While you save up to $482 per device annually due to reduced deployment, training, and upgrade costs, you also contribute to a greener planet. ChromeOS devices consume up to 46% less energy, have a reduced carbon footprint, and many Chromebooks are built with sustainable materials, making them recyclable.

ChromeOS for Public Libraries

The traditional library, a cornerstone of community knowledge and learning, is ready for a transformation. Enter ChromeOS – reimagining the library landscape with modern, shareable, and secure experiences.

  1. Universal Accessibility: ChromeOS brings libraries into the digital age, offering shared devices that cater to patrons and staff alike. Whether utilized as self-service kiosks, workstations, or loaner devices, users revel in a seamless experience. With cloud-integrated profiles, anyone can dive right back into their unique digital journey, from bookmarks to app settings, or enjoy quick-access managed guest sessions.
  2. Streamlined Operations: Library administrators can remotely deploy ChromeOS devices in mere minutes. With zero-touch enrollment, the reliance on an on-site IT team is eradicated. Chrome Enterprise Upgrade further ensures an effortless management process, all centralized within the intuitive Google Admin Console.
  3. Prioritizing Experience: ChromeOS optimizes interactions for both patrons and staff. Fast boot devices, background OS updates, and high-performance tech converge, ensuring a fluid library experience. The goal? More self-sufficient patrons and staff who are free to provide tailored support.
  4. Fortress of Safety: At the core of ChromeOS lies robust security. Public sessions are safeguarded against unauthorized data breaches. The ephemeral mode ensures shared devices self-wipe post-session, leaving no data residue. Lost device? Lock it remotely.
  5. Economically Sound: Embracing ChromeOS is a strategic investment. As per the 2018 Forrester report, shared ChromeOS devices drastically reduce legacy costs and amplify productivity savings. Over three years, this could translate to substantial financial benefits.
  6. Bridging Digital Gaps: ChromeOS devices play a pivotal role in advancing digital literacy and aiding job-seekers. They’re smartly tethered to library WiFi and can auto-disable if taken off-network. With a significant chunk of Americans lacking high-speed internet, libraries’ shared ChromeOS devices, equipped with managed guest sessions, become a haven.
  7. Empowered Staff & Innovative Infrastructure: With ChromeOS, library staff thrive. Access to collaborative tools, lightweight devices, and multilayered security facilitates productivity. Meanwhile, self-serve kiosks integrate effortlessly into library systems, enriching the patron experience.