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Google Cloud Platform

Why Choose Google Cloud with GSATech?

Digital evolution is not merely about relocating old IT frameworks to the cloud for budget efficiency. It’s about holistic advancement that empowers every facet of your business. At GSATech, we grasp the nuances of contemporary technological demands and the imperative of ceaseless innovation. Partner with us and leverage the unparalleled prowess of Google Cloud to address your organization’s most pressing challenges and drive transformation from the core.

Google Workspace

Experience the next level of collaborative enterprise solutions with Google Workspace for Business, made even more accessible and reliable by GSATech.

  • Complete Licensing Solution: Secure your organization’s subscription to Google Workspace, unlocking a suite of cohesive tools designed for optimal business collaboration.
  • Effortless Deployment: Transitioning to Google Workspace is a breeze with GSATech. Our seasoned experts ensure a smooth and efficient rollout, integrating every tool seamlessly into your business processes.
  • Round-the-Clock Technical Support: Beyond just offering a license, we’re committed to your continuous success. Whether it’s a minor query or a significant technical challenge, our support team is on standby, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted.
  • Safe, Secure, and Scalable: Google Workspace’s renowned security combined with GSATech’s expertise guarantees the protection of your data. And as your business grows, we’re right beside you, scaling services to meet your evolving needs.

Chrome Enterprise Browser

Secure, Reliable, and Easy-to-Manage

  • Built-in security: Google’s Safe Browsing, password manager, and more for data safety.
  • Centralized management: Chrome Browser Cloud Management for easy deployment and policy control.
  • Enhanced productivity: Offline mode, printing, and extensions for increased efficiency.



  • Cost-effective IT: Easy deployment and management translate to reduced IT costs.
  • Enhanced security: Built-in features protect against malware and phishing.
  • Productivity boost: Offline mode and printing improve employee efficiency.

ChromeOS Flex for Enterprise

Secure, Cloud-First OS

ChromeOS Flex is a cloud-first operating system that is designed to be secure, easy to manage, and compatible with a wide range of devices. Here’s why ChromeOS Flex stands out:

  • Secure: Google’s Safe Browsing, sandboxing, encryption for data safety.
  • Centralized management: Google Admin console for easy device management and policy setting.
  • Device compatibility: Install on various devices, extending their life cycle.
  • Cost-effective: Free OS to save on IT costs.


  • Productivity boost: User-friendly design enhances employee efficiency.
  • Stronger security: Built-in features guard against malware and phishing.
  • Streamlined IT: Easy management reduces IT workload.

ChromeOS Devices for Enterprise

Discover the secure, reliable, and easy-to-manage world of ChromeOS devices—a top choice for businesses of all sizes.

  • Built-in security: Google’s Safe Browsing for protection against malicious sites and extensions.
  • Reliable performance: Long battery life, fast boot times, and durability.
  • Centralized management: Streamlined deployment, updates, policy setting through Google Admin console.
  • App versatility: Supports popular apps like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Zoom, and Android apps.

Perfect for commercial use, ChromeOS devices are ideal for secure and efficient business operations.

Types of ChromeOS Devices:

  • Laptops: Portable and powerful, suitable for professionals, students, and teachers.
  • Tablets: Easy to use, portable, versatile for work and entertainment.
  • Convertibles: Versatile devices, can be used as a laptop or tablet, suitable for various tasks.